Downtown Food & Wine Festival – 03/31/12


1. Declaration
2. Heroes (w/ Champagne Supernova)
3. Mr. Sensitive
4. Life on the Moon
5. Light On
6. Goodbye to the Girl
7. Hard to Believe
8. Paper Heart
9. Fade Into Me
10.To Be With You (Mr. Big cover)
11. Come Back to Me

MP3 Set: David Cook live at the Downtown Food and Wine Festival in Orlando, FL


Declaration (video byJcatJsusan)

Heroes w/Champagne Supernova (video by Kristen)

Mr. Sensitive (mwhite5011)

Mr. Sensitive (video by Kristen)

Life On the Moon w/ Ugly Meter Pro banter (video by YouveGotTweets)

Light On (video by Mix 105.1)

Goodbye to the Girl (video by YouveGotTweets)
Hard to Believe (video by YouveGotTweets)
Hard to Believe (video by Kristen)
Hard to Believe & Paper Heart (video by MelodyWiseRadio)
Fade Into Me (video by jillisar)
Mr. Big Cover: To Be With You (video by kristen)

Come Back To Me + Goodbye Kyle Banter (video by YouveGotTweets)

2 Minutes with David Cook | David confirms he’s scheduled to appear on American Idol 10-May and will debut a NEW SONG.

~ by enanski on 04/01/2012.

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