State Theatre, Falls Church, VA 11/18/2011


Mr. Sensitive
The Last Goodbye
Paper Heart
Come Back to Me
Let Me Fall for You
Stockholm Syndrome (Muse cover)
Goodbye to the Girl
I Did It for You
Light On

Fade Into Me
Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin cover)
Rapid Eye Movement

The Last Goodbye by mamaygr

Alt: cookiefan09

Declaration by mamaygr

Paper Heart by justicelvr

Let Me Fall For You by justicelvr

Alt: cookiefan09

Stockholm Syndrome by DCFanOlivia

Alt: justicelvr, cookiefan09

Goodbye to the Girl by cookiefan09

Fade Into Me by justicelvr

Alt: cookiefan09, mamaygr

Rock and Roll by justicelvr

Alt: mamaygr

Rapid Eye Movement by justicelvr

Banter with dancing, Monty impression & insurance talk by DavidorDaughtry

~ by imomiron on 11/19/2011.

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