Arizona State Fair, Phoenix, AZ 10/23/2011


Mr. Sensitive
Paper Heart
Come Back to Me
Right Here With You
Let Me Fall for You
The Last Goodbye
The Hand that Feeds
Light On
Fade Into Me (Acoustic)

[Note: Once again, security was strict about implementing a no-camera policy. And once again, fandom still found a way to get some videos.]

Circadian by hunters627

Alt: paulafeely, brandibynn1, piperzila (partial)

Heroes by paulafeely

Alt: brandibunn1

Mr. Sensitive by hunters627

Alt: paulafeely, brandinbunn1

Paper Heart by paulafeely

Alt: piperzila, brandibunn1

Come Back To Me by paulafeely

Alt: brandinbunn1

Right Here With You by hunters627

Alt: paulafeely, brandibunn1

Let Me Fall For You by paulafeely

The Last Goodbye by paulafeely

The Hand That Feeds by paulafeely

Alt: brandibunn1

Bar-ba-sol by paulafeely

Alt: piperzila (partial)

Fade Into Me (Acoustic) by hunters627

Alt: cjom88

~ by imomiron on 10/24/2011.

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