Wells Fargo Center, Santa Rosa, CA 10/20/2011


Kiss on the Neck
The Last Goodbye
Hard to Believe
We Believe
Paper Heart
Come Back to Me
Right Here With You
Movin’ Out (Billy Joel cover)
Let Me Fall for You
Goodbye to the Girl
Light On

Fade Into Me
Rapid Eye Movement

The Last Goodbye by Freecier

Hard to Believe by ninergrl6

Alt: Freecier, Trishabunnyy

Heroes (with Champagne Supernova) by Trishabunnyy (partial)

We Believe by zAnodyne

Alt: Polarbrrr, Freecier

Paper Heart by Freecier

Right Here With You by Freecier

Movin’ Out by Polarbrrr

Alt: zAnodyne, ninergrl6, kagirl83 (partial, with intro banter)

Let Me Fall For You by zAnodyne

Goodbye to the Girl by 1sunluvr

Alt: zAnodyne, ninergrl6

Bar Ba Sol by ninergrl6

Alt: thekirsten

Rapid Eye Movement by zAnodyne

Banter Videos

“I’m such a dick” by ninergrl6

David dance move by janesixtytwo

Alt: 1lynnelynne, ninergrl6

Thank you & acknowledgment of the band + Intro to Bar Ba Sol by kagirl83

~ by imomiron on 10/21/2011.

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