David Cook Jams with PS22 Chorus!

Some might remember this from last month:

Dave did go to visit the kids and this is what happened. The description of the videos below read:

David Cook delivers big time on his invitation he made to the PS22 Chorus of 2011 last month to sing with him on his new single, “The Last Goodye!” This truly one of the most musically satisfying (and otherwise) musical collaborations PS22 Chorus was ever privileged to be a part of! 2 or 3 more great performances to come from this amazing afternoon, so stay tuned!

Big thanks to David and his guitarist Neil Tiemann and Jamie for making this happen! Also thanks and props go to Mr. Eberle for some additional guitarwork and rock star Marquis on the skins! And lastly, big thanks to Ms. Lisa for her amazing filming on this! Nobody could have captured this unplugged performance on one hand-held camera better!

Rolling in the Deep

The Last Goodbye

Livin’ On A Prayer

Light On

*All videos are posted on the PS22 Chorus youtube channel.


Album art for David Cook with PS22Chorus

Album art by MsDarcy.

Rolling in the Deep. Download.
The Last Goodbye. Download.
Livin’ On A Prayer. Download.
Light On. Download.

The Complete MP3s: David Cook Jams with PS22 Chorus (zipped file). Download.


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