Acoustic Performance – Star 101.5 (Seattle) 5/17/2011


Light On
Come Back to Me
The Last Goodbye

The Complete MP3s (from the official video posted by Star101.5). Download.

David Cook @ Star101.5 (Full show + Q&A) [MP3]. Download.

Official video of the full show, watch here:

Heroes w/ Q&A (by JilliBean01).

Heroes (by lapislazuli6).

Alt: sdwolfpup, cruzinkahne

Light On w/ Q&A (by Jillibean01).

Light On (by sdwolfpup).

Alt: krsheart88

Come Back to Me (by sdwolfpup).

The Last Goodbye w/ Q&A (by Jellibean01).

Alt: cruzinkahne, sdwolfpup – partial

Q&A 1 (by lapislazuli6).

Q&A 2 (by lapislazuli6).

Q&A (by sdwolfpup).

Star101.5 Interview (by KOMOcommunities).


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