Pet-A-Palooza, Las Vegas, NV 4/09/11

The setlist:

I Did It For You
Mr. Sensitive
Heroes (with Champagne Supernova)
Drive (The Cars cover)
Come Back to Me
Paper Heart
Rolling in the Deep (Adele cover)
Light On

I Did It For You (by mskristen8108).

Alt: 1lynnelynne

Mr. Sensitive (by janesixtytwo).

Alt: angelangiekc

Heroes (by mskristen8108).

Alt: cspannie, 1lynnelynne, angelangiekc

Drive (by Cooksongrl).

Alt: 1lynnelynne, cspannie, angelangiekc, emrasaturngirl

Come Back to Me (by 1lynnelynne).

Alt: angelangiekc

Paper Heart (by cspannie).

Alt: Cooksongrl, 1lynnelynne, mendozalejo, angelangiekc, luckyducklv, ZitoFan86

Rolling in the Deep (by cspannie).

Alt: 1lynnelynne, Cooksongrl, angelangiekc, janesixtytwo

Rolling in the Deep (by mskristen8108). With a clear view of Andy, Neal and Kyle singing back-up.

Light On (by cspannie).

Alt: cspannie, angelangiekc


~ by imomiron on 04/10/2011.

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