Illuminights, Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA 8/08/2010

The setlist:

I Did It For You
Heroes (with Champagne Supernova)
Mr. Sensitive
Straight Ahead
Died In Your Arms
Kiss on the Neck
Light On
Paper Heart NEW SONG!
Come Back To Me

Declaration (by suki816).

D alt: homestead58

I Did It For You (by brandibunn1).

IDIFY alt: homestead58

Heroes with Champagne Supernova (by DblJerseyGirl). Dave talks about NBC’s use of Heroes in its sports montages.

H alt: suki816, homestead58, cookiefan09, ItsMyT1me – Champagne Supernova partial, paisleybxrs – partial

Mr. Sensitive (by suki816).

MS alt: cookiefan09

Straight Ahead (by danik1953).

SA alt: corsnip54

Died In Your Arms (by kristen8110).

DIYA alt: suki816, DblJerseyGirl, confidencegirl, corsnip54

Lie (by suki816).

L alt: angelangiekc, corsnip54

Bar-ba-sol (by danik1953). Dave talks about The Monty Hour and sings a line of “Love me sexy”.

BBS alt: kristen8110, cookiefan09
Banter only: kristen8108, DblJerseyGirl, guamquilter, angelangiekc, cookiefan-1, 2, 4redlas

Kiss on the Neck (by suki816).

KOTN alt: kristen8110, cookiefan09, pastrychef512 – partial
Banter only: DblJerseyGirl

Light On (by homestead58). In which David wears a small David Archuleta t-shirt & proceeds to sing.

LO alt: suki816, DblJerseyGirl, confidencegirl – the guitar solo
Banter only: angelangiekc, confidencegirl, ItsMyT1me

Paper Heart NEW SONG!*
*am afraid you will have to find the video elsewhere

Intro banter to Paper Heart (by DblyJerseyGirl).

Come Back To Me (by DblJerseyGirl and LightOnForCookie).

Banter (by cookiefan09). In which two kids want picks, are asked by Dave to come up onstage.

Alt: DblJerseyGirl

Banter (by DblJerseyGirl). Before playing Straight Ahead, David does a Michael Jackson shimmy.

Alt: kristen8110


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