SLC Post-game Show, Rio Tinto Stadium, Salt Lake City, UT 6/09/10

Star-Spangled Banner (by jsalow2).

SSB alt: jcap97,  debrakay23,  kentuckycat58, barbdwyre – wideshot, from far away

The setlist:

I Did It For You
Mr. Sensitive
Heroes/Champagne Casanova
Light On
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
Come Back to Me

I Did It For You (by jsalow2).

IDIFY alt: jcap97,  barbdwyre (audio only)

Mr. Sensitive (by jsalow2).

MS alt: jcap97,  barbdwyre (audio only)

Heroes/Champagne Supernova (by jsalow2). Audio only.

H/CS alt: jcap97,  anamsb (partial),  barbdwyre (audio only)

Light On (by jsalow2). With banter about David Archuleta.

LO alt: anamsb (partial), lobenally32 (partial),  barbdwyre (audio only, pretty good!)
Banter only: almostround9 , jcap97

Died in Your Arms Tonight (by jsalow1).

DIYA alt: southerngirl1982, barbdwyre (audio only)

Bar-ba-sol (by jsalow2). With banter – “You know what, screw the noise ordinance!”

BBS alt: jcap97barbdwyre (audio only)

Come Back to Me (by jsalow2).

CBTM alt: jcap97lobenally32 (partial),  southerngirl1982, barbdwyre (audio only)


The Todd introduces David Cook (by tiptcow11). Provides a view of the crowd.

David goes onstage with partial IDIFY (by tiptcow11). Provides a view from the back of the stage.


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