Better than Ezra Open 2010 Benefit Concert, New Orleans, LA 3/27/10

David helped out in the Better Than Ezra Open 2010. While initially he had announced on Twitter that there was no scheduled performance, to the delight of the fans who were there, he came out and sang a few songs during the benefit concert.

The setlist:

Absolutely Still.
Livin’ On A Prayer

UPDATE: The best videos have been synced together by imogen_ph so that we get to see great video quality with the best audio from the show. Thanks to LightOnForCookie and vmrocks for giving their permission – links to their videos are also posted below.

Absolutely Still (by LightOnForCookie & vmrocks). With Better Than Ezra.

Alt AS: vmrocks, LightOnForCookie – lower your volume; great visuals, very much worth the watch

Avalanche (by LightOnForCookie & vmrocks). With Better Than Ezra and Monty Anderson.

Alt A: vmrocks, kenkupar – with partial LOAP

Livin’ On A Prayer (by LightOnForCookie & vmrocks). Done solo. The crowd sings along.

Alt LOAP: vmrocks

Avalanche & Livin’ On A Prayer (by MBenz09/LightOnForCookie). Audio is a little too loud, so turn down the volume. The visuals are excellent.

The MP3s.

Album artwork by ItsMsDarcy. Download here.

The songs. From videos by vmrocks:

Absolutely Still. Download.
Avalanche. Download.
Livin’ On A Prayer. Download.

Alternative download link: BTE Benefit Concert Folder

Bowling (by stacy311).

Helping with the auction (by LightOnForCookie).

Alt: vmrocks

~ by imomiron on 03/28/2010.

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