MWK @ The Flytrap Music Hall, Tulsa, OK 2/18/10

MWK had a concert at The Flytrap. Andy Skib and Neal Tiemann played with Kyle Peek and Joey Clement. David Cook appeared as a special guest.


One True Thing/Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Judging A Bullet
Killing More Than Time
Stuck Under Wheels
A Scarlet Letters
Circles Anthem
Until Dawn
Make Me
Call To Arms
‘Til I’m Blue

Vera + One True Thing/Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (by rekcutx).

Vera (by MusicEqualsLifeNags).

V alt: confidencegirl, kristen8110, bobsessive, johnsonjessica20, angelangiekc, jsalow2, AngelSky0179, YouCanCallMeTina, breadmom1

One True Thing/Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (by MusicEqualsLifeNags).

OTT alt: Trey1726 – David-centric, jsalow2, angelangiekc, AngelSky0179

Godspeed + Judging A Bullet (by rekcutx).

Godspeed (by MusicEqualsLifeNags).

G alt: Trey1726, bobsessive, pinkpassion87, kristen8110, johnsonjessica20, angelangiekc, jsalow2, AngelSky0179, pinkpassion87

Judging A Bullet (by kristen8110).

JAB alt: jsalow2, angelangiekc, bleedingjapanese, smacri, pinkpassion87 – audio only, smacri – Andy-centric, well-lit but bass a little too strong

Anodyne (by valermarie).

A alt: Trey1726 – Dave-centric, confidencegirl, MusicEqualsLifeNags, CougarsLoveCook, bobsessive, davidrocks4ever, kristen8110, breadmom1, jsalow2, bleedingjapanese, YouCanCallMeTina, smacri, johnsonjessica – partial, gatorsgirl – partial, smacri – Andy- and Dave-centric, well-lit but bass a little too strong

Killing More Than Time (CougarsLoveCook).

KMTT alt: rekcutx, angelangiekc, jsalow2, kristen8110, YouCanCallMeTina, MusicEqualsLifeNags – partial, celinesgirl

Stuck Under Wheels (by CougarsLoveCook).

SUW alt: kristen8110, AngelSky0179 – Neal-centric, jsalow2, angelangiekc, bleedingjapanese, pinkpassion87, bobsessive – partial, with focus on Neal’s singing

A Scarlet Letters (by CougarsLoveCook).

ASL alt: Trey1726 – David-centric, smacri – Andy-centric, well-lit but bass a little too strong, confidencegirl, jsalow2, angelangiekc, pinkpassion87

Circles Anthem (by Trey1726).

CA alt: confidencegirl – Andy-centric, davidrocks4ever, jsalow2, CougarsLoveCook, angelangiekc, breadmom1

Until Dawn (by jsalow2).

UD alt: bobsessive, EmiJH83, breadmom1, kristen8110, angelangiekc, lobster1, Drusilla89, pinkpassion87 – partial

Make Me (by CougarsLoveCook).

MM alt: rekcutx, jsalow2, kristen8110, angelangiekc, MusicEqualsLifeNags, davidrocks4ever, bleedingjapanese, AngelSky0179

Call to Arms (by CougarsLoveCook).

CTA alt: Trey1726 – featuring Kyle Peek, bobsessive, confidencegirl, jsalow2, angelangiekc, MusicEqualsLifeNags, bleedingjapanese, AngelSky0179

`Til I’m Blue (by Trey1726).

TIB alt: kristen8110, bobsessive, angelangiekc, CougarsLoveCook, jsalow2, bear22898 – audio not so good, but gives a good view of most band members + David guitar-spanking, MusicEqualsLifeNags – partial, YouCanCallMeTina – partial, AngelSky0179 – partial, Bryan Jewett guitar solo, breadmom1 – partial, David guitar-spanking


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