The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC 12/01/09

This was supposed to be the penultimate show, but due to unforseen circumstances (that is to say, no one knows the real reason at the time of this writing), this became the final show in the Declaration Tour, as the scheduled last stop in Norfolk was cancelled at the last minute.

The setlist:

Mr. Sensitive
I Did It For You
Kiss on the Neck
Everyday is Exactly the Same
Avalanche (stripped)
`Til I’m Blue
Light On
Straight Ahead
Make Believe
Come Back To Me

Heroes (by angelangiekc).

I Did It For You (by cookiefan09).

IDIFY alt: bobsessive – partial, the ending, confidencegirl – partial – Neal-centric

Kiss on the Neck (partial by cookiefan09).

Kiss on the Neck (partial by bobsessive). Hotel California.

Lie (by angelangiekc).

Lie (partial by bobsessive). The a cappella chorus.

Every Day is Exactly the Same (by bobsessive).

EDIETS alt: wndylmb, confidencegirl – close-up, angelangiekc, cookiefan09

Avalanche (by angelangiekc).

A alt: cookiefan09 – partial

`Til I’m Blue (by bobsessive). With Andy Skib on lead vocals. The Script & GRO suddenly come out and do Riverdance onstage.

TIB alt: angelangiekc, mkt1217, cookiefan09

Riverdance only: valermarie, angelangiekc, jdelf

Bar-ba-sol (by cookiefan09).

Bar-ba-sol (partial by bobsessive). The guitar solo.

Light On (by cookiefan09).

Light On (partial by confidencegirl). The guitar solo.

Declaration (by cookiefan09).

Make Believe (by angelangiekc).

MB alt: angelangiekc, cookiefan09, mkt1217, confidencegirl – partial, Neal-centric

Come Back to Me (by cookiefan09). David says he doesn’t want to stop playing, and gets emotional, saying there will never be another 1st record and 1st tour.

CBTM alt: wndylmb
Banter only: bobsessive – close-up

Banter (by cookiefan09). David takes a sign by an audience member that says “I only came to get laid”.

Alt: bobsessive

Banter (by bobsessive). David reads another sign (“For my birthday I want…”) of an audience member.

Banter (by bobsessive). Andy attempts to dart Dave, Dave says thank you to the audience.

Banter (by valermarie). About this being the last show of the Declaration Tour.

Banter (by bobsessive). David says “Close those doors, we aren’t done yet.”

Extra (by bobsessive). David on the drums during GRO’s Come On.

Extra (by bobsessive and valermarie). David comes onstage as GRO performs, and does something funny by the drum kit.

Alt: jillisar

Extra (by bobsessive). Dave and Andy Skib break pinatas filled with candy onstage as The Script performs Heroes.

Alt: jillisar, valermarie

Extra (by equinaholic). David and Andy jam with The Script while eating candy from the pinata.

Extra (by bobsessive). Feeding GRO during On Your Own. Dave eats some pasta too.

Alt: jillisar, angelangiekc

Extra (by bobsessive). Hairography according to Kyle Peek.

Extra (by angelangiekc). David Cook and crew, along with GRO and The Script, say goodbye to the Declaration Tour.

Alt: valermarie, cookiefan09

Extra (by bobsessive). David calls everyone onstage, lots of hugging ensue, Fire Tornado comes out.

Alt: mkt1217

Extra (by valermarie). Fire Tornado takes the stage.

Alt: cookiefan09

Extra (by cookiefan09). Fire Tornado does Black Sabbath’s War Pigs, Dave sings some lines.

Extra (by bobsessive). Neal Tiemann plays with Fire Tornado

Extra (by cookiefan09). Fire Tornado plays onstage, David throws stage chicken into the audience.


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