Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL 11/28/09

The setlist:

I Did It For You
Mr. Sensitive
Kiss on the Neck (w/ Hotel California snippet)
Shattered Dreams
Light On
Come Back to Me
Straight Ahead

I Did It For You (by 1101scorpiochick).

IDIFY alt: LightOnForCookie, OldHippieChik

I Did It For You (partial by confidencegirl). The guitar solos.

IDIFY alt: bobsessive – partial, the ending

Mr. Sensitive (by OldHippieChik).

MS alt: queenofpopculture

Kiss on the Neck (partial by OldHippieChik).

Kiss on the Neck (partial by bobsessive). Hotel California.

Souvenir (by confidencegirl).

S alt: 1101scorpiochick, jsalow2

Bar-ba-sol (by queenofpopculture). David introduces the band after he reads a love note for Neal Tiemann.

BBS alt: jsalow2, Kristen8108 – partial

Bar-ba-sol (partial by bobsessive).

Lie (by Kristen8108).

L alt: ItsMyT1me, 1101scorpiochick, queenofpopculture – partial, kdavis1004 – partial, angelusmaia – partial

Lie (partial by bobsessive). The a cappella chorus.

Declaration (by jsalow2).

Shattered Dreams (by bobsessive). Dave continues to encourage fans to vote for his version of the song because he thinks it would be funny if DCTA beats Johnny Hates Jazz in a poll at zap2it.com.

SD alt: queenofpopculture, confidencegirl, Kristen8108, jsalow2, jengadawg96
Banter only: queenofpopculture

Light On (by jsalow2).

LO alt: juniemarie58

Light On (partial by confidencegirl). David- & Neal-centric.

Come Back to Me (by jsalow2).

Heroes (by queenofpopculture).

H alt: jsalow2, 1101scorpiochick

Straight Ahead (by queenofpopculture).

SA alt: Kristen8108, jsalow2, 1101scorpiochick

Banter (by bobsessive). On Dave’s 1st Thanksgiving away from his mom, Dave and Andy gloating over winning cornhole, and The Eye of the Tiger as bad porn music.

Alt: queenofpopculture, Kristen8108, angelangiekc, roxybells143

Banter (by 1101scorpiochick). In which a lady whose sign that says “Will work for backstage passes” worked!

Alt: bobsessive, queenofpopculture, Kristen8108

Banter (by bobsessive). Neal gets a love note, Dave sings Let’s Get It On.

Alt: Kristen8108

Banter (by bobsessive). Trying to get those in the balcony out of their seats.

Alt: Kristen8108

Banter (by Kristen8108). Dave asks a young man in the audience how old he is.

Alt: bobsessive

Banter (by bobsessive). Giving props and saying thank you’s.

Banter (by bobsessive). Thanking his audience.


~ by imomiron on 11/30/2009.

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