The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA 11/23/09

The setlist:

Mr. Sensitive
I Did It for You
Kiss on the Neck
Hot for Teacher
Make Believe
Light On
Come Back To Me

I Did It For You (by lovinliferhb).

Lie (by lovinliferhb).

L alt: cw93nhs

Souvenir (by lovinliferhb).

Kiss on the Neck (by lovinliferhb).

KOTN alt: cw93nhs – partial, Hotel California

Hot For Teacher (by lovinliferhb).

HFT alt: rohocop2121

Make Believe (by lovinliferhb).

MB alt: cw93nhs, jdrewowens

Declaration (by lovinliferhb).

D alt: rohocop2121, krunkjess – partial, David in the crowd, wissphoto – partial, David in the crowd

Light On (by lovinliferhb).

Come Back to Me (by lovinliferhb).

Extra (by btl4life220). Some fans waiting by the buses in the parking lot asked GRO for Endlessly. They said ok, found some acoustic guitars and Neal Effing Tiemann, and voila! They were treated to an impromptu acoustic Endlessly and On Your Own.

Extra (by cw93nhs). David climbs on top of GRO’s van.


~ by imomiron on 11/24/2009.

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