Colloseum at Caesar’s, Windsor, ON, Canada 11/15/09

The setlist:

Mr. Sensitive
I Did It For You
Kiss on the Neck (w/Hotel California snippet)
Little Lies
Light On
Died in Your Arms
Straight Ahead
Come Back To Me

Heroes (by renCCF).

Mr. Sensitive (by renCCF).

Souvenir (by LightOnForCookie).

S alt: LizzieLix

Kiss on the Neck (by renCCF).

KOTN alt: bouffe

Lie (by LightOnForCookie).

L alt: LizzieLix, renCCF – partial 1, 2 (the acapella chorus)

Little Lies (by LightOnForCookie).

Light On (by MsAlley123).

Died in Your Arms (by LightOnForCookie).

Straight Ahead (by LightOnForCookie).

Banter (by renCCF). In which a lady tells David that he ruined her life. He responds, LOL. He also talks about The Script (who were unable to open for them in this show as scheduled.).

Banter (by renCCF). In which David says this is one of the largest crowd they’ve been to.


~ by imomiron on 11/15/2009.

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