Georgia National Fair, Perry, GA 10/18/2009

The setlist:

Mr. Sensitive
Kiss on the Neck (w/Hotel California snippet)
Make Me
Man in the Box
Come Back To Me
Light On
I Did It For You

Heroes (by jsalow2).

Mr. Sensitive (by jsalow2).

Souvenir (by jsalow2).

S alt: Kristen8108

Kiss on the Neck (by confidencegirl).

Lie (by jsalow2).

L alt: brookie8281, smith604

Lie (partial by bobsessive). The acapella chorus.

Make Me (by bobsessive).

MM alt: Kristen8108, cw93nhs, jsalow2, morganj11

Man in the Box (by bobsessive).

MITB alt: confidencegirl, jsalow2, Kristen8108, morganj11

Declaration (by jsalow2).

Bar-ba-sol (by jsalow2).

Bar-ba-sol (partial by bobsessive). The guitar solo.

BBS alt: smith604 – w/ the chicken banter

Come Back to Me (by jsalow2).

Light On (by jsalow2).

Light On (partial by confidencegirl). The guitar action.

I Did It For You (by jsalow2).

IDIFY alt: Kristen8108, bobsessive – partial, the rocking end

Banter (by bobsessive). David greets the audience and talks about the Chiefs’ #1 win.

Alt: Kristen8108

Banter (by wmwtramp). In which someone throws a rubber chicken onstage and David has fun with it.

Alt: brookie8281, wmwtramp, Kristen8108

Banter (by Kristen8108). David spots himself on the video screen, checks out his tummeh, then talks about fried foods.


~ by imomiron on 10/19/2009.

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