The Paramount, Charlottesville, VA 10/11/09

The setlist:

Mr. Sensitive
I Did It for You
Breathe Tonight
Straight Ahead
Kiss on the Neck
‘Til I’m Blue
Man in the Box
Light On
Come Back To Me

Heroes (by Sing4MeGavin).

H & MS alt: FolkFan101

Mr. Sensitive (by Sing4MeGavin).

I Did It For You (by Sing4MeGavin).

IDIFY alt: bobsessive, confidencegirl – partial, the guitar solos

Breathe Tonight (by Sing4MeGavin).

BT alt: confidencegirl, dallasgirl716, ajm4884, EveAngelical1, bobsessive – partial, the guitar solo

Lie (by Sing4MeGavin).

L alt: JumpNegative2, bobsessive – partial, the a cappella chorus, EveAngelical1 – partial, the a cappella chorus, FolkFan101

Straight Ahead (by Sing4MeGavin).

SA alt: JumpNegative2, EveAngelical1, FolkFan101

Kiss on the Neck (by Sing4MeGavin).

KOTN alt: JumpNegative2, bobsessive – partial, the moan + Hotel California

‘Til I’m Blue (by Sing4MeGavin).

TIB alt: bobsessive, JumpNegative2, confidencegirl – w/ a lot of Neal, EveAngelical1, khatoun, confidencegirl, dallasgirl716, FolkFan101

Man in the Box (by bobsessive).

MITB alt: Sing4MeGavin, JumpNegative2 – partial, EveAngelical1, mkt1217, khatoun, dallasgirl716, mypoorbrain23, FolkFan101 – wideshot

Man in the Box (by confidencegirl). Neal Tiemann’s guitar solo.

Declaration (by Sing4MeGavin).

D alt: bobsessive – partial, Andy and Neal headnod

Light On (by Sing4MeGavin).

LO alt: tscott75 – partial

Light On (partial by confidencegirl). Guitar action!

Come Back to Me (by Sing4MeGavin).

CBTM alt: JumpNegative2

Banter (by bobsessive). About Charlottesville and Ryan Star.

Banter (by Sing4MeGavin). On sports.

B alt: bobsessive

Banter (by Sing4MeGavin). On eating at The Nook.

B alt: bobsessive

Banter (by bobsessive). David tells a story about his niece and nephew – Archie is mentioned!

Banter (by bobsessive). Who’s booing now? Before singing Straight Ahead.

~ by imomiron on 10/12/2009.

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