Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI 10/10/09

The setlist:

Mr. Sensitive
I Did It For You
My Last Request
Make Me (w/ Andy Skib)
Kiss on the Neck (w/Hotel California snippet)
Died in Your Arms
Light On
Come Back To Me

Mr. Sensitive (by Annave47).

MS alt: sendlimes – partial, shot closer, iamvicarious, SkywalkerDreamer, twik24 – focused on Neal part of the time

Heroes (by Annave47).

H alt: SkywalkerDreamer, twik24

I Did It For You (by Annave47).

IDIFY alt: 100puffins, bobsessive – partial

I Did It For You (by confidencegirl). The guitar solos.

Declaration (by Annave47).

D alt: SkywalkerDreamer, flipflopqueen89

My Last Request (by Annave47).

MLR alt: bobsessive, confidencegirl, iamvicarious, jtft1989

Bar-ba-sol (by Annave47).

BBS alt: SkywalkerDreamer, bobsessive – the guitar solo

Make Me w/ Andy Skib (by confidencegirl).

MM alt: bobsessive, 100puffins – wideshot, from above, Annave47, iamvicarious, twik24

Kiss on the Neck (by Annave47).

KOTN alt: flipflopqueen89, bobsessive – Hotel California

Died in Your Arms (by bobsessive).

DIYA alt: Annave47, flipflopqueen89, iamvicarious

Light On (by Annave47 and confidencegirl).

LO alt: flipflopqueen89, confidencegirl – partial, SkywalkerDreamer, twik24

Lie (by Annave47).

L alt: flipflopqueen89, iamvicarious, SkywalkerDreamer, twik24, bobsessive – the a cappella chorus

Come Back to Me (by Annave47).

CBTM alt: SkywalkerDreamer

Banter (by bobsessive). David asks the audience to get out of their seats.

Banter (by bobsessive). David gives props to Andy and Neal, and then signs a cast of an audience member.

Banter (by bobsessive). David notes that this is the last show in the Northeast.

Banter (by bobsessive). Someone in the audience says “Noooo” to overseas, David encourages the audience to touch each other.

Banter (by bobsessive). On meeting Chris Cornell at the doctor’s office.

Banter (by bobsessive). David asks the audience if they enjoyed Ryan Star.


~ by imomiron on 10/11/2009.

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