Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa, ON, Canada 10/03/09

The setlist:

Mr. Sensitive
We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping
Livin’ on a Prayer (acoustic)
Man in the Box (acoustic)
Life on the Moon (acoustic)
I Did it for You
Died in Your Arms
The World I Know
Light On
Come Back To Me

Heroes (by JaneBK).

Mr. Sensitive (by cookfantoo).

MS alt: JaneBK

Lie (by itzmerenee).

L alt: JaneBK

Livin’ On A Prayer (by bobsessive).

LOAP alt: confidencegirl, babylove2005, FanDavidCook, ea0440, itzmerenee, JaneBK, smacri

Man in the Box (by confidencegirl).

MITB alt: JaneBK, bobsessive – partial, Neal’s solo

Life on the Moon (by bobsessive).

LOTM alt: JaneBK, cookfantoo

I Did It For You (by JaneBK).

IDIFY alt: cookfantoo, bobsessive – partial

Died in Your Arms (by bobsessive).

Life on the Moon (by JaneBK).

Died in Your Arms (by bobsessive).

DIYA alt: JaneBK

Declaration (by JaneBK).

D alt: bobsessive – partial

The World I Know (by itzmerenee).

Light On (partial by confidencegirl).

LO alt: JaneBK – partial

Come Back to Me (by JaneBK).

Banter (by itzmerenee). In which David calls TC and introduces Jeremy Taggert.

Banter (by bobsessive). About what he can say on youtube.

Banter (by bobsessive). In which Dave notices a guy at the back with a question.

Banter (by bobsessive) About a cellphone chat, lead acoustic guitar and lead drunk.


~ by imomiron on 10/04/2009.

2 Responses to “Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa, ON, Canada 10/03/09”

  1. loved ur videos! ^^

  2. Thank you!
    From Brazil = Marcya 🙂

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