Oregon State Fair, Salem, OR 9/05/09

The setlist:

Mr. Sensitive
Life on the Moon
Kiss on the Neck (w/Hotel California snippet)
We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping
Hot for Teacher
Bar Ba Sol
Come Back To Me
I Did It for You
Light On

Heroes (by cruzinkahne).

H alt: debrakay23 – partial

Life on the Moon (by cruzinkahne).

LOTM alt: OrlandosPiratess – partial, debrakay23 – partial w/ banter

Declaration (partial by OrlandosPiratess).

Kiss on the Neck (partial by dannie7445).

Lie (by fieryrogue).

L alt: gaaralovescookies1, cruzinkahne – partial

Lie (by Missyb581). The a cappella chorus.

Hot For Teacher (by fieryrogue).

HFT alt: cruzinkahne

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping (partial by fieryrogue). David gets a bag of cookies from a fan. It says “I ❤ Cookie".

Hot For Teacher (by fieryrogue).

HFT alt: heidiwhr – partial

Bar Ba Sol (by fieryrogue).

BBS alt: dannie7475, OrlandosPiratess

Come Back To Me (partial by OrlandosPiratess).

Light On (by gaaralovescookies1). David comes down the stage to talk to 3 very young fans. Tony of the Crash Kings plays the piano.

LO alt: orcoastfam, OrlandosPiratess – partial, heidiwhr – partial

Extra (by cruzinkahne). During Crash Kings’ set, David sits at Kyle’s drum set, wearing a hoodie and heart-shaped sunglasses, bobbing his head to the music.

More: btl4life220 – 1, 2, 3

Extra (by HUNEBE23). In which David is called out by Katy Perry during her concert.

Banter (by btl4life220). David mentions being there the night before for a Katy Perry concert, thinking there was no way there would be that many people for his show.

Banter (by Squeezil89). More banter on being at the Katy Perry show. Just before singing Kiss on the Neck.


~ by imomiron on 09/06/2009.

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