Antelope Valley Fair, Lancaster, CA 8/20/09

The setlist:

Mr. Sensitive
I Did It for You
We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping
Kiss on the Neck
Bar Ba Sol
Died in Your Arms
Come Back To Me
Light On

Heroes (by susiew523).

H alt: jsalow2, debrakay23

Mr. Sensitive (by susiew523).

MS alt: debrakay23

I Did It For You (by itschristianalee and susiew523). Dave sees a sign about calling Archie and comments.

IDIFY alt: emphatictulsa, jsalow2, debrakay23

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping (by 1lynnelynne). David talks about being thrown into the middle of the desert and Crash Kings.

WOHWWS alt: emphatictulsa, jsalow2
Banter alt: Rachehascoolfriends

Kiss on the Neck (by susiew523).

KOTN alt: debrakay23

Permanent (by susiew523).

P alt: 8hallmark, jsalow2, debrakay23

Declaration (by susiew523).

D alt: debrakay23, jsalow2

Bar Ba Sol (by jsalow2).

Died in Your Arms (by jsalow2).

DIYA alt: susiew523

Come Back To Me (by debrakay23).

CBTM alt: jsalow2, emphatictulsa – partial

Light On (by jsalow2).

LO alt: debrakay23

~ by imomiron on 08/21/2009.

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