West Virginia State Fair, Lewisburg, WV 8/15/09

The setlist:

Mr. Sensitive
I Did It for You
Kiss on the Neck (w/Hotel California snippet)
Straight Ahead
Bar Ba Sol
Little Lies
Come Back to Me
Light On
A Daily AntheM

Heroes (by khatoun).

Mr. Sensitive (partial by 09Declaration). Taken from behind Kyle.

MS alt: khatoun

I Did It For You (by mkt1217).

IDIFY alt: khatoun, cookiefan09, WVKarri – partial
Banter only: EveAngelical1

Lie (by mkt1217).

L alt: justicelvr, JuLeeSC, khatoun, cookiefan09 – partial

Kiss on the Neck (by EveAngelical1). In which the Green Man reappears. Speculation has it this one is Josh of GRO.

KOTN alt: mkt1217, cookiefan09, khatoun, bobsessive – partial, justicelvr – partial

Straight Ahead (by EveAngelical1).

SA alt: khatoun, cookiefan09

Bar Ba Sol (by khatoun).

BBS alt: cookiefan09

Little Lies (partial by EveAngelical1). Featuring the GRO Monkey.

LL alt: kccatdr – partial, mkt1217 – partial, khatoun

Declaration (by mkt1217).

D alt: cookiefan09, khatoun

Come Back To Me (by khatoun).

CBTM alt: 2008lisab

Light On (by khatoun).

A Daily AntheM (by EveAngelical1).

ADAM alt: justicelvr, khatoun
Banter only: justicelvr, bobsessive

Banter (by justicelvr). David recounts the strange things that happened onstage.

Extra. GRO On My Own w/ Andy Skib (by bobsessive).

Alt: justicelvr, 09Declaration

Extra. David, band and crew play poker during GRO’s set. (by EveAngelical1)

Alt: justicelvr, cookiefan09, mkt1217

Extra. GRO members show their love for David Cook and band by showing off customized tshirts (by justicelvr).

Alt: cookiefan09, JuLeeSC

Extra. Kyle plays cowbell during GRO’s set (by mkt1217).

Alt: justicelvr, 4redlas

Extra. GRO’s Goodbye LA. In which David Cooks dons green spandex and booty shorts and prances around the stage (by EveAngelical1). (Yeah yeah, some fans still don’t want to believe it’s him.) According to kccatdr, David’s sound guy did the adjustments on the mic to produce the chipmunk vocals.

Alt: krunkjess, bobsessive, justicelvr, 4redlas, JuLeeSC, mkt1217, Redhead5255, cookiefan09, kccatdr


~ by imomiron on 08/16/2009.

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