Owens Community College, Perrysburg, OH 8/09/09

This marks David and band’s 100th show!

ETA. A day after we celebrated this, we found out from TPTB that David and band would in fact, be having their 100th show on Friday, Aug 14 in Knoxville, TN. So apparently some concerts were not included in their official count (like Manila, and probably Arbonne?). In any case, no matter, we shall still call this the 100th show. The Knoxville concert will be more like the 100th tour stop, don’t cha think?

The setlist:

Kiss on the Neck
Mr. Sensitive
We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping
The World I Know
Bar Ba Sol
Died in Your Arms
Straight Ahead
Come Back To Me
Light On
A Daily AntheM

Kiss on the Neck (by angelangiekc).

Mr. Sensitive (by angelangiekc).

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping (by Kristen8108).

WOHWWS alt: angelangiekc

The World I Know (by angelangiekc).

TWIK alt: Kristen8108, EveAngelical1

Heroes (by angelangiekc).

Lie (by angelangiekc).

L alt: Kristen8108, EveAngelical1

Bar Ba Sol (by angelangiekc).

Bar Ba Sol (partial by Kristen8108). The guitar solo.

Died in Your Arms (by EveAngelical1).

DIYA alt: angelangiekc

Souvenir (by angelangiekc).

S alt: Kristen8108, EveAngelical1

Straight Ahead (by angelangiekc).

Declaration (by angelangiekc).

D alt: EveAngelical1

Come Back To Me (by angelangiekc). In which Andrew exits the stage, backwards. LOL.

CBTM alt: EveAngelical1 – partial

Light On (by angelangiekc).

A Daily AntheM (by angelangiekc).

ADAM alt: Kristen8108, EveAngelical1


~ by imomiron on 08/10/2009.

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