Chattanooga Convention Center, Chattanooga, TN 07/08/09

The setlist:

Mr. Sensitive
Breathe Tonight
Kiss on the Neck
We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping
Bar Ba Sol
Hot for Teacher
Come Back to Me
Light On
A Daily AntheM

Heroes (by stacyr311).

H alt: lovinliferhb, kellybandclarinet

Mr. Sensitive (by southerngirl1982).

MS alt: lovinliferhb, SweetGirl167 – partial

Breathe Tonight (by stacyr311).

BT alt: lovinliferhb, kasiesvids, kellybandclarinet

Lie (by SweetGirl167).

L alt: stacyr311 – extreme close-up!, gadoll78, lovinliferhb, tiggy3323, kellybandclarinet

Kiss on the Neck (by stacy311).

KOTN alt: lovinliferhb, JuLeeSC

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping (by lovinliferhb). In which we learn that how David hated the song before, but then let The Doctor work his magic on it.

WOHWWS alt: SweetGirl167

Bar Ba Sol (by southerngirl1982).

BBS alt: stacyr311, lovinliferhb, SweetGirl167 – David shares the spotlight with Joey this time on the guitar solo

Hot For Teacher (by lovinliferhb).

HFT alt: JuLeeSC, hijoleholly, stacyr311 – partial

Declaration (by lovinliferhb).

D alt: tiggy3323

Come Back To Me (by lovinliferhb).

CBTM alt: southerngirl1982

Light On (by stacyr311).

LO alt: lovinliferhb

A Daily AntheM (by SweetGirl167).

ADAM alt: lovinliferhb, hijoleholly, kasiesvids

Banter (by lovinliferhb).

Banter (by lovinliferhb). In which David mentions that hopefully they will be playing in “the bigger room next door” next time.


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