Acoustic Set @ Mix 92.3 New Orleans

David and Neal visited Mix 92.3 New Orleans and performed an acoustic version of Souvenir. Thanks to pepsgrlz/Cookiegrlzx3 of DCO for the videos:


Download the acoustic Souvenir mp3 here: CLICK!

Notes on Souvenir: The song was performed in public for the first time in Davis & Elkins College on March 14, 2009. (See Cookistang Miron entry here.) Souvenir was said to have been one of the songs that didn’t make the cut for David’s debut album. Recently, David has been hinting that we might be hearing the song very soon. Speculation in the DC fanverse is that it may very well be used either in a movie soundtrack or a tv series, especially in light of the new deal with Cherry Lane Publishing. This performance at Mix 92.3 is the second acoustic performance we’ve heard of. The first one was done in a benefit concert at Mix 96.5 Houston last July 6.

Heroes (partial)

Come Back To Me

Neal answers a question


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One Response to “Acoustic Set @ Mix 92.3 New Orleans”

  1. The acoustic set at KHMX in Houston has been posted to their site now, too:

    I made mp3s of CBTM and Mr. Sensitive, if you’d like to use them:
    090706 – Come Back To Me (Acoustic @ KHMX)
    090706 – Mr. Sensitive (Acoustic @ KHMX)

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