Winstar World Casino, Thackerville, OK 7/03/09

The setlist:

The World I Know
Mr. Sensitive
Died in Your Arms
Kiss on the Neck
Straight Ahead
Bar Ba Sol
Hot for Teacher
Come Back to Me
Light On
A Daily AntheM
* Time of My Life by Ryan Star

The World I Know (by mp97333).

Heroes (by mp97333).

Mr. Sensitive (by mp97333).

Died in Your Arms (by dizzysyd).

DIYA alt: mp97333 – includes banter on Ryan’s magic rainbow serenade and winning blackjack, CookifiedTexan, amytx84

Lie (by CookifiedTexan).

L alt: Ninasfeet – partial mp97333

Kiss on the Neck (by CookifiedTexan).

KOTN alt: bear22898

Straight Ahead (by CougarsLoveCook).

SA alt: mp97333

Bar Ba Sol (by CougarsLoveCook).

Hot For Teacher (by dizzysyd). Where Artie (Ryan’s bassist) comes out and does a strip-tease.

HFT alt: Bugsytoo – partial, amytx84, bobsessive, CookifiedTexan, CougarsLoveCook, mp97333, NinasFeet

Declaration (by CougarsLoveCook). With banter about Artie (Ryan’s bass player), who ran around the stage in duct-taped boxers. Word has it he used the tape so nobody would come after his boxers.

Come Back To Me (by bear22898).

Light On (by Bugsytoo).

A Daily AntheM (by lovinliferhb).

ADAM alt: Bugsytoo – wideshot, with a view of the arm waving, CookifiedTexan, CougarsLoveCook

Time of My Life, Ryan Star (by confidencegirlCookifiedTexan).

TOML alt: CookifiedTexan, dizzysyd, mp97333

Time of My Life, Ryan Star (by lovinliferhb). With the camera focused on David’s face.

Banter (by mp97333). In which David talks about the Oklahoma shows.

Banter (by lovinliferhb). A lesson in signs. Signing? You know, the heart hands and all that.

Banter (by lovinliferhb). Just before singing ADAM.


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