Diamond Ballroom, Oklahoma City, OK 6/24/09

The setlist:

Kiss on the Neck
Mr. Sensitive
Make Me
Bar Ba Sol
Died in Your Arms
Come Back to Me
Light On
A Daily AntheM

Kiss on the Neck (by CougarsLoveCook).

Make Me (by Kristen8108).

MM alt: CougarsLoveCook

Heroes (by jillisar).

Lie (by jillisar).

Bar Ba Sol (by jillisar).

BBS alt: Kristen8108

Died in Your Arms (by Kristen8108).

DIYA alt: jillisar, McStalker101, CougarsLoveCook, Trey1726, jsalow2

Souvenir (by jillisar).

S alt: jsalow2

Declaration (by emphatictulsa).

D alt: jsalow2

Come Back to Me (by Kristen8108).

CBTM alt: CougarsLoveCook, jsalow2

Light On (by jsalow2).

Light On (by emphatictulsa). The guitar solo.

A Daily AntheM (by Kristen8108).

ADAM alt: jillisar, jsalow2

Banter (by Kristen8108). In which David sticks a guitar pic on his forehead.

Banter (by Kristen8108). On pic throwing.

Banter (by btl4life220). In which David tells Neal Tiemann that he is disgusting.

Banter (by emphatictulsa). David talks about eargasm.


~ by imomiron on 06/25/2009.

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