The Cotillion, Wichita, KS 6/21/09

The setlist:

Mr. Sensitive
I Did It For You
Life on the Moon
Freebird (snippet)
Died in Your Arms
Bar Ba Sol
We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping
Light On
Come Back To Me

Heroes (by CougarsLoveCook).

H alt: jsalow2

I Did It For You (by CougarsLoveCook).

IDIFY alt: jsalow2, tracyr627

Life on the Moon (by jsalow2).

LOTM alt: CougarsLoveCook

Freebird interlude (by jsalow2).

Fi alt: brookie8281

Declaration (by jsalow2).

D alt: CougarsLoveCook – with Freebird snippet

Avalanche (by CougarsLoveCook).

A alt: jsalow2 – partial

Died in Your Arms (by emphatictulsa).

DIYA alt: bobsessive, tracy627, CougarsLoveCook


~ by imomiron on 06/22/2009.

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