Red, White & Boom, Bonne Springs, KS 6/20/09

The setlist:

Kiss on the Neck
Mr. Sensitive
Straight Ahead
The World I Know
Bar Ba Sol
Died in your Arms
Come Back to Me
Light On
A Daily AntheM

Kiss on the Neck (by 98omgitzalexis95). Incomplete video, but this is here because you should see how this concert began.

Kiss on the Neck (by jillisar).

KOTN alt: Quila26, ellemarielle, angelangiekc

Mr. Sensitive (partial by gravityxunknown). Wide shot.

MS alt: jillisar

Straight Ahead (by jillisar).

The World I Know (by pinkpassion87).

TWIK alt: Quila26, jillisar

Heroes (by gravityxunknown).

H alt: Quila26

Lie (by Quila26).

L alt: angelangiekc, ellemarielle, pinkpassion87, brookie8281, jillisar, cwgirl88888

Bar Ba Sol (by jillisar).

BBS alt: bobsessive – partial, focus on the guitar solo

Died in Your Arms (by pinkpassion87). – the crowd obviously LOVED this cover, it’s so AWESOME! Includes banter on booty shorts and all that.

DIYA Alt : 09Declaration, bobsessive, jillisar, 98omgitzalexis95, Quila26, ellemarielle – partial, angelangiekc, queenofpopculture

Souvenir (by songflower72).

S alt: pinkpassion87, angelangiekc, jillisar

Declaration (by ellemarielle).

Come Back to Me (by jillisar).

CBTM alt: angelangiekc, bobsessive – partial, focus on Neal and Joey, BlackniteEverlasting

Light On (by 09Declaration).

LO alt: angelangiekc, jillisar, BlackniteEverlasting, KaitlinHardcore – partial

A Daily Anthem (by bobsessive).

ADAM alt: ellemarielle, jillisar, pinkpassion87

Banter (by bobsessive). Where David talks about being a homeowner and then takes a picture of the crowd.

Banter (by bobsessive). In which David speculates that he must have an ex in the audience.


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