Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC 5/31/09

The setlist

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping
Mr. Sensitive
Bar Ba Sol
Little Lies
Come Back To Me
Last Train Home (w/Ryan Star)
Light On

Heroes (by angelangiekc)

H alt: JumpNegative2

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping (by Kristen8108)

WOHWWS alt: angelangiekc

Mr. Sensitive (by JumpNegative2)

MS alt: angelangiekc, cookiefan09

Anodyne (by tracy627).

A alt: callmechech, JumpNegative2, angelangiekc, EveAngelical1, Kristen8108, debrakay23, valermarie, khatoun, CougarsLoveCook, cookiefan09, wildcat7243

Lie (by JumpNegative2). Includes banter where Dave states that Neal is the “music director” and gets snarky with the crowd.

L alt: angelangiekc
Banter only: EveAngelical1, cookiefan09, ItsMyT1me

Bar Ba Sol (by angelangiekc)

BBS alt: EveAngelical1

Avalanche (by tracy627). The person David is talking about is the videographer herself. He dedicated the song to her in exchange for a Cardinals hat which he and Artie burned.

A alt: angelangiekc, CougarsLoveCook, Kristen8108, ItsMyT1me

Little Lies (by angelangiekc)

LL alt: JumpNegative2, cookiefan09

Come Back To Me (by EveAngelical1) – “Fuck that…” lolz. David takes a couple of signs from the audience, including one that says “Here 4 Andy Skib”. He says (holding up Andy’s face): “I can’t compete with this.”

CBTM alt: CougarsLoveCook
Banter only: JumpNegative2

Last Train Home (w/Ryan Star) (by AngelicFruicake) – with band introduction

LTH alt: EveAngelical1, angelangiekc, mkt1217, JuLeeSC – video quality is poor (JuLee was also cellcasting at the same time), but audio is ok

Light On (by angelangiekc)

LO alt: khatoun, ItsMyT1me


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