Ohio State University, Newark, OH 5/28/09

The setlist

The World I Know (Collective Soul cover)
We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping (2007, unreleased)
Mr. Sensitive
Kiss on the Neck
Straight Ahead (Analog Heart)
Man in the Box (Alice in Chains cover)
Light On
Come Back To Me
A Daily AntheM

Kiss on the Neck (by EveAngelical1)

Straight Ahead (by EveAngelical1)

Bar-Ba-Sol (by krunkjess) – partial, with Cake fight lolz

Man in the Box (by EveAngelical1) – amazing audio

Band Introduction , lolz (by Kristen8108) – “Professional” lolz, FTW

Light On (by EveAngelical1) – amazing audio

A Daily AntheM (by EveAngelical1) – amazing audio, young girls join David on stage … aww

Sitting Banter (by Kristen8108)

Cake Fight! lolz (by Kristen8108) – David Cook, Ryan Star, Artie Fleischman . “What is it about bass players and brooms?”


~ by riverhorse on 05/30/2009.

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