The Square Room, Knoxville, TN 4/10/09

The setlist:

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping
Kiss on the Neck
Mr. Sensitive
Make Me
Little Lies
Life on the Moon
Come Back to Me
Bar Ba Sol
Light On

Heroes (by angelangiekc).

H alt: Kristen8108
H & WOHWWS alt: millspills07

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping (by angelangiekc).

WOHWWS alt: Kristen8108

Declaration (by angelangiekc).

D alt: Kristen8108, kasiesvids

Kiss on the Neck (by angelangiekc).

KOTN alt: Kristen8108

Souvenir (by lovinliferhb).

S alt: Kristen8108, angelangiekc, jsalow2

Lie (by Kristen8108).

L alt: angelangiekc, jsalow2, kasiesvids

Make Me (by jsalow2).

MM alt: Kristen8108, kasiesvids

Little Lies (by lovinliferhb).

LL alt: Kristen8108 – partial

Banter (by davidcooksfansite). In which at the end of LOTM, the band breaks into the opening riffs of Brick House (thanks to MsDarcy of DWoP DCO for identifying the riff).

Come Back to Me (by jsalow2).

CBTM alt: millspills07

Bar Ba Sol (by lovinliferhb).

BBS alt: jsalow2

Banter (by jsalow2). Before singing Light On.

Light On (by millspills07).

Banter (by lovinliferhb). Regarding the EEB.

Montage (by emmabtvs).


~ by imomiron on 04/12/2009.

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