Radford University, Radford, VA 4/5/09

The setlist:

The World I Know
We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping
Mr. Sensitive
Kiss on the Neck
Hunger Strike
Life on the Moon
Come Back to Me
Hot for Teacher
Bar Ba Sol
Light On

The World I Know (by valermarie).

Mr. Sensitive & Lie (by JumpNegative2).

MS alt: valermarie – with end of WOHWWS and banter
L alt: kellybandclarinet, dallasgirl716, GHSgrad2006

Souvenir (by valermarie).

Kiss on the Neck (by JumpNegative2).

Hunger Strike (by JumpNegative2).

HS alt: valermarie, dallasgirl716, kellybandclarinet

Life on the Moon (by valermarie).

LOTM alt: GHSgrad2006

Declaration (by JumpNegative2).

D alt: GHSgrad2006 – partial

Come Back to Me (by JumpNegative2).

CBTM alt: GHSgrad2006

Hot For Teacher (by Sing4MeGavin). In which David douses himself with water.

HFT alt: JumpNegative2, valermarie, tongueband

Bar Ba Sol (by JumpNegative2).

Light On (by JumpNegative2).

LO alt: GHSgrad2006, tongueband

Banter (by JumpNegative2).

Banter (by valermarie). In which David notes that he is not related to Daughtry.


~ by imomiron on 04/09/2009.

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