Seneca Niagara Casino, Niagara Falls 3/13/09

The setlist:

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping
Life on the Moon
Come Back to Me
Kiss on the Neck
Mr. Sensitive
Breathe Tonight
The World I Know
Light On
A Daily AntheM

Heroes (by michgypsy).

H alt: itzmerenee, paradizebay – partial 1, paradizebay – partial 2

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping (partial by mousewithcow).

Declaration (by 100puffins)

D alt: tiffanyw917 – partial, CarnivalRide03

Life on the Moon (by MiMiC00k). With banter re the Koolaid man.

LOTM alt: 100puffins, mousewithcow 1 – partial, mousewithcow 2 – partial

Come Back To Me (by 100puffins).

CBTM alt: Chrissywiley, itzmerenee, paradizebay – partial, mousewithcow – partial

Permanent (by justicelvr). In which Neal Effin Tiemann, The Doctor, uses a bow on his electric guitar.

P alt: PaulaKole125, Kristen8108, paradizebay – partial, Hevenzangl – partial

Permanent (by krunkjess). Focus on Neal Effin Tiemann using a bow on his electric guitar.

Kiss on the Neck (by PaulaKole125).

KOTN alt: tiffanyw917

Breathe Tonight (by tiffanyw917).

The World I Know (by emphatictulsa).

TWIK alt: Kristen8108, PaulaKole125, tiffanyw917, Hevenzangl, itzmerenee, paradizebay 1 – partial, paradizebay 2 – partial

The World I Know & Light On (by justicelvr).

TWIK/LO alt: Chrissywiley

Light On (partial by 100puffins). What? Putting this here because of the Nealage and Skibbage.

A Daily AntheM (by 100puffins). With band introduction.

ADAM alt: tiffanyw917

Banter (by 100puffins). “Did you come here to see the hat? Or…” LOL!

B alt: justicelvr, paradizebay, babyletsgoxo – closer

Banter (by paradizebay). In which David makes references to stuff only 40% will know anything about.

Benter (by mousewithcow). “It sucks to be me!”


~ by imomiron on 03/14/2009.

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