Dickinson College, Carlisle 3/03/09

The setlist:

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping
Life on the Moon
Little Lies
Breathe Tonight
Kiss on the Neck
The Truth (impromptu, partial rendition)
Mr. Sensitive
Come Back To Me
Light On
Hot for Teacher
A Daily AntheM

Breathe Tonight & Kiss on the Neck(by Btvs4ever21). In which David notes that there are a lot of sorority girls in the audience.

Kiss on the Neck (continued from above by Btvs4ever21).

The Truth (by Btvs4ever21). In which David obliges upon an audience member who requested The Truth. He sings a verse and a chorus, the crowd loses its shit.

TT alt: meowlina (partial), potterfreakx (partial)

Light On (by Btvs4ever21). In which a t-shirt is thrown to David onstage. It says “Mrs. Cook”.

Banter (by meowlina). In which David does a dance move, announces that they are all flu-free, and sniffles loudly.

The Challenge (by meowlina). David challenges The Doctor to play the Super Mario Brothers theme.


~ by imomiron on 03/07/2009.

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