Axium on Philippine radio

No kidding. Magic 89.9, a hugely popular radio station in Metro Manila, has a show called The Strike Zone on Mon-Thurs nights at 10pm-2am. It is hosted by DJ Josh Strike. “On the Download” is a new segment on the show. Josh plays music which he either discovers on youtube, or that are recommended to him by listeners.

Last Monday, Axium’s Callout was played. Josh had announced the previous week that he would be playing a live version of Avalanche (upon our recommendation, off of a Biloxi concert video), but that didn’t happen because the audio quality wasn’t as good as he needed it to be to play onair. We were surprised early Monday when riverhorse discovered Callout in this week’s playlist at Josh’s multiply site. Below is a recording. Josh had very good things to say about the song, noting a liking for the more hardcore leanings that characterized Axium music. Perhaps then he will also like Bar Ba Sol, Kiss on the Neck, and Breathe Tonight? The “Suzy” he mentions at the end is also a DJ at Magic 89.9.

You can listen to the show online, and also request for Callout, along with a David Cook double header: Come Back to Me and Avalanche back to back. Check out the Magic 89.9 website for details.


~ by imomiron on 03/05/2009.

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