Mount St. Mary’s College, Newburgh 3/1/09

The setlist

1. Heroes
2. We’re only Honest when We’re Sleeping
3. I Did It For You
4. Life On The Moon
5, Declaration
6. Kiss On The Neck
7. Straight Ahead
8. Mr. Sensitive
9. Anodyne
10. Hot for Teacher
11. Light On
12. Bar Ba Sol
13. A Daily AntheM

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping (by justicelvr) – shot close , decent audio

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping (partial) & I Did It For You (full) (by 100puffins).

Life On The Moon (by DblJerseyGirl) includes banter

Declaration (by DblJerseyGirl) includes banter re: video contest winner, Nurse Debbie

Kiss on the Neck & Straight Ahead (by 100puffins).

KOTN alt: esseyareey – almost complete

Straight Ahead (by justicelvr) – really close

Straight Ahead and Mr. Sensitive (by DblJerseyGirl) – two songs in succession in this video, really close

Anodyne (by justicelvr) – really close , amazing audio

A alt: emphatictulsa, davesdiana, DblJerseyGirl

Hot For Teacher (by bobsessive) -audio is problematic but who cares, check out the video!

HFT alt: emphatictulsa

Bar-Ba-Sol (by esseyareey) – complete, with awesome drum solo, ANNOUNCEMENT of DUAL RELEASE of two singles AT THE SAME TIME! Bar-Ba-Sol to be released to ROCK RADIO!

A Daily Anthem (by esseyareey) nice audio, lots of arm swaying, with the audience really getting into the song


~ by riverhorse on 03/02/2009.

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