Harre Union VU, Valparaiso 2/21/09

Today’s Setlist

Mr. Sensitive
Life On the Moon
Kiss on the Neck
Breathe Tonight
Hunger Strike
Light On

* From FoolsApril64 : strict time limitation on this matinee concert due to student/sibling weekend schedule, and I believe that is why Dave’s set was a bit shorter at this venue

Valparaiso University Radio Interview ( works with Internet Explorer) : The Source 95.1

Heroes (by brookie8281)

Mr Sensitive (by happydance11)

MS alt:  blounderground

Life on the Moon (by mesdyl64) partial, with close-up and banter at the end

LOTM alt : davidcookfansite – introductory banter… apparently Valparaiso University is where Dave’s big brother Adam Cook went to Law School , kimber0610 part 1 , kimber0610 part 2

Declaration (by brookie8281) close up

D alt: kimber0601

Lie (by mesdyl64) complete, clear audio, close up towards the end

Lie alt : happydance11, btl4life220
, empathictulsa – close up, partial

Kiss on the Neck (by mesdyl64) awesome video! close-up at 2:54 , audio predominantly clear

KOTN alt: LHNinja1

Breathe Tonight (partial by blounderground)

BT alt : btl4life220 – full, but audio not that good, oroberous – partial

Hunger Strike (by happydance11) – with banter. David says Joey looks like a 70s tennis player

Hunger Strike (by oheyalyssa) – close up and clear audio

HS alt : Kristen8108, mesdyl64 , oroberous
, NLeighH (partial)

Light On (by mesdyl64) – introductory pizza banter

Bar Ba Sol (by davidcookfansite) close up , partial

BBS alt : Kristen8108 – almost complete, davidcookfansite – partial, instrumental part


~ by riverhorse on 02/22/2009.

One Response to “Harre Union VU, Valparaiso 2/21/09”

  1. david’s so proud of his TUMMEH !!! XD

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