Weidner Center UWGB, Green Bay 2/20/09

Set List

Kiss on the Neck
Mr. Sensitive
Life on the Moon
My Last Request
We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping (2007, unreleased)
Little Lies (cover)
Hot for Teacher (cover)
Light On
A Daily AntheM

pictures : link

*Net chatter: “No cameras will be allowed in the Weidner Center for the David Cook Concert” (this could mean just professional and/or video cameras)
Kiss on the Neck (by Kristen8108).

Breathe Tonight (by ashleyann427) –  partial , soundcheck/ pre-show vid

Mr. Sensitive (by nickjonas4ever10) – from hidden camera

My Last Request (by Kristen8108).

Heroes (by Kristen8108).

We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping (by Kristen8108).

WOHWWS alt: ashkeyann427

Little Lies (by ashleyann427) –  partial

Lie (by ashleyann427) – partial,  room illuminated by cellphones, houselights turned off at the beginning

Hot for Teacher (by ashleyann427) – partial

Light On (by ashleyann427) – partial

Bar Ba Sol (by  number0131) – almost complete,  shot from afar

A Daily AntheM (by Kristen8108).


Permanent part I (by ashleyann427) – partial,  soundcheck / pre-show vid

Permanent part II (by ashleyann427) – partial, soundcheck / pre-show vid


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