Tour-related articles

Eau Claire review, excerpt: The rocker became increasingly more comfortable with the crowd as the hour-long show came to an end. When he performed radio hit “Light On,” the crowd went wild. He encouraged the group to sing one round of the chorus.

However, by the encore, Cook was losing steam. He pulled two girls up on stage – both of whom were having birthdays – so he and the crowd could sing the “Happy Birthday” song, which was endearing, but by his final song his long notes and raspy tone were failing.

Overall, a little bit of stand-up comedy and a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll made Cook’s show one worth seeing. Read it here.

Cedar Falls interview, excerpt: Mary Stegmeir: What are the pros and cons of breaking into the business via “American Idol”?

David Cook: Really, the only con is that it’s new to me. It feels like going to 6,000 miles per hour in under two seconds. I feel myself mentally playing catch-up as I try to learn the intricacies of putting a record together, putting a tour together. I think an artist that didn’t pick this path might have had a bit more time to wrap their head around everything.

But the pros are tenfold. To play a 15,000 seat theater — I don’t know that I could have fathomed that a year ago. Let alone, to go out on the ‘Idol’ tour and do arenas all summer. I’m finding pros every day. It’s an amazing experience. Read it here.

Green Bay interview, excerpt: How does it feel to be officially on your first-ever headlining solo tour?

Oh man, it’s amazing. It’s fun to try to incorporate the lessons I learned from the “Idol” tour onto this one. To just kind of have it be my tour is a huge accomplishment and to be able to walk on stage with four of my friends and just have fun.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that I don’t have to wear the lace-up pirate pants that I had to wear on the “Idol” tour. (Laughs) Read it here.


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  1. And it’s my birthday tomorow! Great blog will read more when I have time.

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