Maucker Union UNI, Cedar Falls 02/19/09

Set list

Mr. Sensitive
I Did It For You
Life on the Moon
My Last Request
Hot for Teacher
Kiss on the Neck
Breathe Tonight
Billie Jean
Man in the Box
Light On
A Daily AntheM

Heroes (by guamquilter)

H alt: arlysv

Mr. Sensitive (by arlysv)

I Did It For You (by arlysv)

Life on the Moon (by arlysv). In which David notes that Neal is kinda into him. Hee!

Declaration (by guamquilter)

My Last Request, partial (by arlysv)

Hot For Teacher (by guamquilter)

Permanent (by guamquilter)

P alt: Star04Life

Kiss on the Neck (by BerLeigh).

KOTN alt: arlysv – partial , with banter about Valentines Day disappointment and who’s to blame

Breathe Tonight, partial (by guamquilter)

Billie Jean & Man in the Box (by BerLeigh)

BJ alt: guamquilter – partial
MiTB alt: guamquilter – partial

Light On (by Star04Life) partial

Banter (by guamquilter). David comments on the guys-to-girls ratio and says “I love you, too”.

Banter (by guamquilter). David says the men are going to beat him up.

Banter (by guamquilter). Joey and Jazzercise.

Banter (by guamquilter).  David notes, “Why does a girl assume it is going to be love ballad?”

Banter (by guamquilter). End of set, David’s in the crowd, says “Thank you very much”. The crowd replies “Love you David”

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