Ole Miss, Oxford 2/15/2009

The setlist

Mr. Sensitive
I Did It For You
Life on the Moon
Little Lies
Kiss on the Neck
Straight Ahead
Breathe Tonight
Light On
Hot for Teacher
Bar Ba Sol
Encore: A Daily AntheM

I Did It For You (by kasiesvids).

Life on the Moon (by dizzie386).

Declaration (by burnsydude).

Little Lies (by kasiesvids).

LL alt: burnsydude

Permanent (by burnsydude). In which David talks about Adam prior to singing, and drops to his knees in the middle of the song.

P alt: emlale, bear22898, emphatictulsa

Kiss on the Neck (by jillisar).

KOTN alt: kasiesvids

Straight Ahead (by krunkjess).

Breathe Tonight (by kasiesvids).

Breathe Tonight (partial by jillisar). This time the camera is focused on the guys not named David *wink*. So this offers a view of The Doctor, Kyle and Joey (sorry, no Andy).

Light On (by emlale).

LO alt: dizzie386, emlale, burnsydude

Hot For Teacher (by jillisar). In which David does a guitarless backbend.

HFT alt: kasiesvids, emlale

Bar Ba Sol (by burnsydude).

A Daily AntheM (by kasiesvids). In which the audience sings the last rousing chorus, a cappella.

Banter (by jillisar).

Banter (by kasiesvids). David reads a sign in the audience that makes note of his “sweet posterior”.

Banter (by kasiesvids). David grabs an audience member’s cellphone and attempts to make a call.

~ by imomiron on 02/16/2009.

2 Responses to “Ole Miss, Oxford 2/15/2009”

  1. Weeee! New vids! Thanks imogen!*hugs*

  2. yikes! Thanks imogen..! really great help! *okay* 🙂

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