Club Downunder, FSU, Tallahassee 2/13/09

The setlist:

Mr Sensitive
I Did it for You
Life on the Moon
Come Back to Me
Kiss on the Neck
Breathe Tonight
Light On
Man in the Box
Bar Ba Sol
Encore: A Daily AntheM

Heroes (by jsalow2).

Heroes (by Dreamertash). Shot really close.

Mr. Sensitive (by Dreamertash).

I Did It For You (partial in 2 installments by jillisar).

Life on the Moon (by jsalow2).

LOTM alt: kittykotka3713

Declaration (by toughstuff01).

Declaration (by Dreamertash). Shot really close.

Breathe Tonight (by toughstuff01).

Light On (by BMMarder).

Light On (by marcusismchanna).

Avalanche (partial by Dreamertash).

Avalanche (by kittykotka3713). Almost complete.

Come Back To Me (by toughstuff01).

Permanent (byBMMarder).

Man in the Box + Kyle Peek’s lead into Bar Ba Sol (by jillisar).

Man in the Box (closer shot by marcusismchanna).

Bar Ba Sol (by toughstuff01).

A Daily AntheM (partial by nolefrk17).

A Daily AntheM (wideshot by toughstuff01).


~ by imomiron on 02/14/2009.

2 Responses to “Club Downunder, FSU, Tallahassee 2/13/09”

  1. Wow, it’s an Avalanche of media *thumbs up*

    ADaM was awesome! He really connected with the audience, and the audience sang along!

    Kyle’s guitar solo, with them glowing drum sticks, looked like a mini-fireworks show in the dark. I’ve never seen anything like it. 🙂

    Individually, all the members of the EEB are great musicians. Put them all together and you get one kick-@ss band. *okay*

  2. Whoaaaaa! Too many videos to watch yet I still can’t get enough of our Cookie! =D

    Thanks for all the effort imogen! or should I call you imomiron here? hehe cute =p

    I soooo love ADAM, too! It really made me teary-eyed (esp the FSU video). He must have been so stoked to see the audience sing with him. just WOW!*handsdown*

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